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Government of Anguilla website:

Financial Regulations:
Eastern Caribbean Securities
Regulatory Commission
ECCB Financial Complex
P.O. Box 1885
Basseterre, St. Kitts, W.I
Phone: (869) 466-7192
Fax: (869) 466-8954

Financial Services Unit
Ministry of Finance
The Valley,
Phone: (264) 497¼5881
Fax: (264) 497¼5872

Anguilla’s on-line company registry. This web site was set up by the Government of Anguilla, Financial Services Department to facilitate company registration.

Anguilla- Offshore and Online!
Anguilla is a pure taxhaven. There are no income taxes, no corporate taxes, no sales taxes, no value added taxes, etc. As the Internet grows, and more business is done over the Internet, the physical location of a business matters less and less. This page provides a lot of information on Anguilla Trusts, Banking and Offshore matters.

Banks in Anguilla

Barclays PLC
A full range of domestic banking facilities are offered including deposit and chequing accounts in both US$ and EC$ currencies, money transfer services, merchant card services and borrowing facilities (both personal and corporate), to name a few.

Caribbean Commercial Bank
A wholly locally owned private corporation established in 1976. Offers personal, corporate and offshore banking.

Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited
The Group includes The Hansa Bank and Trust Company Limited, an international merchant bank supervised under British banking regulations, and other corporations such as Span Corp Limited specifically focused on international commerce.

National Bank of Anguilla
The National Bank of Anguilla was incorporated in Anguilla on 20th December 1984. It also has interest in a Visa licensed credit card issuing and processing company, and is affiliated with American Express.

Scotia Bank Of Anguilla Ltd.
Offers an extensive range of commercial and retail banking services in U.S. and Eastern Caribbean dollars

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