Consultation, How to Start

The first consultation with THE LAMBERT LAW FIRM is free. The initial issue is whether we can assist you, based on the practice before the courts in the District of Columbia or in international law or we would refer to other attorneys.

We do not take many cases, and we consider every case and matter extremely important.

Our focus is federal law, with the practice in the District of Columbia and in Massachusetts. The areas we provide services include litigation, securities law, corporate law, criminal law, administrative law, international law, immigration law. We are prepared to interact with attorneys in other jurisdictions, in the U.S. and worldwide, particularly on the matters of international law. We also interact with governmental agencies as useful for clients.

Apart from purely legal assistance, we may refer you to Assets Recovery Program (“ARP”) that is an answer to the challenges in the international work involving various jurisdictions and relying on network of contacts with associates consultants and attorneys.

In order to evaluate the case, the probability, the plan of action, and the potential costs, it is most advisable to contact professionals in the assets recovery domain as soon as possible.

Upon a meeting and collecting initial information, we could provide you with the evaluation of feasibility, prepare a plan of action, make a costs evaluation, and draft a contract for your case.

All preliminary communications with prospective clients are automatically granted the regime of confidentiality. The preliminary evaluation and consultation are free for prospective clients. You may contact us for preliminary evaluation without any obligations; for contact information, see the Contact link.