Pro Bono Legal Services

THE LAMBERT LAW FIRM provids a substantial part of its services on a pro bono basis. Particular consideration, in electing pro bono or partially pro bono matters is given to the following criteria: size of the case and amounts involved, public interest and causes involved, special circumstances of misappropriation and conversion of assets, as well the financial situation of clients and its relationship to the matter.

Another possibility is that the case may represent ad hoc substantial academic or humanitarian interest.

As a particular channel for pro bono work, Law Offices are affiliated to a not-for-profit Foundation Honesty International Inc., incorporated in the State of New York.

Evaluations of cases are often on pro bono basis, prior to determination of feasibility and establishing the necessary facts, circumstances and required evidence.

In the event the Law Offices are overloaded with the projects in progress, it may refer an applicant to another professional entity in the recovery of assets domain that may offer pro bono or beneficial terms.

To inquire about a possibility and/or eligibility of an entirely or partial pro bono arrangement, an applicant would need to prepare an explanatory brief on the particular circumstances of your matter making favorable consideration of pro bono arrangements more likely.